King of the Clouds is my debut concept video! The moment I heard the song I had a vision of this video; I knew something grand and imaginative could be created, so I got to work. To execute my vision I raised nearly $2,000 and collaborated with technical artists I admired and trusted. The concepts, choreography, costuming and make up was designed and executed by me and it was by far the most complex and rewarding artistic process. This included renting and returning fog machines, finding enough fabric for the blacked out room, doing every artists make up, and making/supplying the food for craft services.

But it was all worth it! Once uploaded I shared my video with every
Panic! at the Disco fan page I could find. Fans were retweeting, reposting and tagging band members, which all resulted in Panic! sharing my video across all forms of social media! It was incredible. My video went from 400 views to 169k views and I gained 1.3k Youtube subscribers.

It was an incredible process and I look forward to creating more videos in the future!

No Apology by Karencitta is the first music video I had the honor of choreographing. In this project I hired dancers, ran rehearsals, designed staging/formations, closely worked with the artist, and strategized with the director and producers to bring their vision to life. This was a single day shoot with over 50 dancers on set. The spirit in the air was contagious and I loved every minute of it. This video has reached over 3 million views.

MARA is a personal challenge I set for myself. Can 8 dancers meet at 8am, construct a dance from scratch (with an unusual prop) and film the whole project by 3pm? Apparently, they can.

As a cyr artist myself I was fascinated by the idea of using it in its unintended purpose. I am so proud of was my dancers accomplished in mere hours; it was no easy feat but they made it happen. Enjoy!

Another choreographic challenge I set for myself: Can I quickly choreograph a solo and film it on site that day? It was quite crowded at the overlook so I am pleased we achieved the view and a feeling of solitude in the space.